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Liak ~ Sans Serif Family

Liak ~ Sans Serif Family

Liak ~ Sans Serif Family | Шрифт Liak Sans Serif

File Types: OTF, TTF, WOFF, WOFF2 | Multilingual Support | International Glyphs | File Size: 4.10 Мb

Обзор шрифта: Шрифт Liak Sans Serif (Liak ~ Sans Serif Family)

Liak ~ Sans Serif Family 01

Liak ~ Sans Serif Family=02

Liak ~ Sans Serif Family 03

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Liak Sans Serif Font is a sans serif family. Design with various width and weight that you can explore and combine creating rhythm and texture for comfortable reading. This font supports more than 100 Latin-based languages and has extensive Cyrillic and Greek support for languages like Russian, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, and many more.In variable version, it allows multiple options when designing, adapting to different composition solutions.

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